About Us

Following the devastation of the 2018 Camp Fire, it quickly became apparent that there was a critical need to connect those seeking to rebuild their homes with the contractors, builders, vendors, insurance and lending institutions, and agencies who could provide the appropriate information and services, and share alternatives and ideas for homebuilding.

Through the Paradise Citizens’ Alliance (PCA), a group of individuals stepped forward to create a place for these groups to come together, with the intention of helping our residents navigate the challenges of first-time home building.

The Home Builders Resource Expo is not designed to be a revenue-generating event, rather, it was created to address this critical need. It is our hope that those who have lost so much will find the information and support they need to confidently travel the path that leads to the rebuilding of their home.

We are grateful to the PCA for championing this effort as well as our many supporters, partners and sponsors.