Frontline Wildfire Defense Systems

Through years of research and development, Frontline™ has developed a completely unique approach to wildfire protection, offering a first line of defense to protecting property against the damaging effects of wildfire.

The founders of Frontline™ started in the wildfire world by creating defensible space for homes and structures in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the heart of the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole serves as the headquarters for Frontline Wildfire Defense™.

Our business has been built on trust and integrity within the communities in which we work. Our success has come through our client and community relationships, along with the trust we have earned by doing what is right in every aspect of the business. The unique combination of landscape architecture and forestry created the inspiration to generate defensible space and develop the patent-pending wildfire property defense system. Frontline™ founders have worked extensively throughout the western United States.