Urban Design Associates

UDA has led the Town of Paradise through the Long Term Recovery Plan process. The Town has adopted UDA’s plan.

UDA is a Pittsburgh-born-and-based urban design firm with the time-tested experience and expertise to conceive the building, block, city or region for which your community, institution, or company is calling.
We’re a seasoned team of designers and architects – 20 strong in all. We’re partners in problem-solving. We’re portable practitioners. And all of our projects are Principal-led. (We’re also passionate Pittsburghers.)

From leading the way with our listening-based approach during the tumultuous 1960s, to tackling the public housing crisis at a crucial junction in our nation’s development, we have a storied history of inventing and reinventing where no playbook existed. We bring this same level of innovation to each and every design challenge we undertake – organizing strategic teams around projects to usher the right solution to the forefront. From Moscow to Seattle and London to Norfolk, our way of working employs the international language of excellent design.

As our essence, this is UDA. By putting listening, testing and deciding at the core of our process, we created a methodology that is customizable to any urban design project, a model for the urban design industry, and a true reflection of our values as a firm.

We value collaboration, context, and community.